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"Let me do it for you": Your on-call finance department

bookkeeping ADVICE by a cpa

  • I'll go through an initial review of existing systems and identify best practices for ongoing work.

  • I'll generate reporting in “ready to use” format for you and your tax accountant.

  • I’ll meet with you on a regular basis with my CFO hat on to review your financial reports, providing insights and recommendations so you can make informed business decisions based on real data.

Consulting services

To continue to be successful, every business needs efficient procedures, means for tracking and continued analysis of valuable data and the ability to use that information to make informed decisions. 

I can help set up those systems and teach you how use them and stay on top of it all.

  • Billing and invoicing - Am I charging enough to cover my cost and make a profit?

  • Review overhead – Identifying and understanding the real cost of doing business. Are there opportunities to lower expenses?

  • Create procedures – I'm always reinventing the wheel. Efficient procedures = lower cost

  • Tracking job profitability – If I’m selling so many, how come I’m not making money?

  • Expense analysis – Where did my profit go?

  • Efficiencies review – Where did the time go?

  • Software review – How can I fix it if I don’t have the right tools?

  • POS system review – Which system is right for me/am I maximizing my POS functionality?

  • Inventory analysis – Is my money sitting in a warehouse? Am I under-buying and losing sales?


I’ll look at your specific business and find the right tools and data for you to grow your bottom line.

  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow – The reporting trifecta

  • Customized management reports – Daily, monthly, quarterly, annual, and seasonal comparative reporting highlighting key high level data

  • Realistic budgets & projections – Steering your business and being on top of seasonal cash flow

  • POS reporting – Understanding your product winners and losers, building from established sales patterns, smart seasonal buying

  • Return on investment – What new opportunities possess the most potential? When to take your losses and move on?

Financial Literacy Education

A window into the world every business owner should be aware of.

  • Understanding financial statements - What are my Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet telling me? How can I get a handle on Cash Flow?

  • Accounting basics tutorial

  • Financial software education (Quickbooks a specialty)

  • POS assistance/inventory set up

  • Excel and spreadsheets