When your passion is your business

but business isn't your passion

give it to ...



Dave in Accounting

the on-call CFO and financial literacy consultant

for small businesses with big dreams


How Can I Help?


I know that every small business is constantly evolving, at different stages, with different needs.  With Dave in Accounting (DIA) I can help you maximize your potential at any step:

  • Launching You’ve started a new business and want help setting up the right basic systems to allow you the most efficiency, with critical controls and reporting in place. I can help identify and establish all you will need for sound business practices and training of all accounting and reporting systems.

  • Fixing You’ve been in business for a few years and it's going great, but have questions about your real financial health and honest projections for next steps. I can help you get a handle on the critical financial analysis and strategic managerial focus of accounting and reporting systems and the financial education to understand them. Make smarter choices based on real data.

  • Keep it goingYou’ve got this biz thing in the bag, your amazing team in place and just have no time to focus on - or the expertise for - the messy financial details. I’ll do it for you! I will oversee the bookkeeping, reporting and financial analysis.




The idea here is to give you, the small business owner, the leverage of real financial understanding, systems support, and access to advice to help you succeed, from a peer who understands the challenges you face day to day. 

Dave In Accounting is your on-call CFO

Photo by  Photomuse

Photo by Photomuse